Our Clients

Finflow works with both buy-side and sell-side market participants helping provide rapid cost effective solutions across valuation, pricing, quoting, trading systems integration and comprehensive risk management.

FinFlow solutions are confidently used by firms from various sizes of banking institutions to asset managers and hedge funds. At FinFlow we work closely to build client relationships through understanding client needs and then working to fulfil their requirements.


FinFlows helps banks with rapid deployment of sophisticated trading, valuation and risk management solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing processes and scale to support future growth. Due to increasing regulatory and corporate governance scrutiny, banks are requiring enhanced risk information from the Front Office Trading & Risk personnel to their Market & Credit Risk teams, through to the Back Office departments. FinFlow independent risk management metrics can play a key part in the provision of enhanced risk information requirements.

Cost Effective

Improved risk management requires significant whole of life investment in technology and systems that are complex. Smart organisations, CIO's, CTO's and Risk Managers realise that valuable resources should be spending time evaluating and making decisions using the metrics, not spending time creating the software solutions. Financial organistions now realise their core competency is in finance and that largely they are better of being consumers of technology. FinFlow specialises in cost effective customisable out of the box solutions without the need for large IT support requirements.

Agile Development & Rapid Roll Out

Many smaller institutions such as hedge funds require faster implementations as their decision making cycle tends to be much shorter, when it comes to deriving possible solutions. Rapid implementation of the core analytical tools followed closely by customised enhancements is what many clients prefer. This can keep clients ahead of the competition. The smaller firms crucially need to prove to current and potential investors that they have effective risk management infrastructure in place in order to attract funds. Smaller Institutions have even less access to large IT resources and therefore it makes sense to outsource and implement a FinFlow solution which is easy to install, use, and maintain.

Why Use Finflow

  • Independent Valuation Models
  • Pricing
  • Electronic quote streaming
  • Portfolio Risk Management Tools
  • Counterparty Risk Management
  • Reporting Tools
  • Risk Visualisation & Business Intelligence
  • Flexible Integration with 3rd party vendor systems
  • Data Source Integration(e.g MarkIT)
  • Cost Effective solutions
  • Agile Development & Rapid RollOut