(Data Analytics Solutions)

Takes data from a source (for example, Bloomberg historical prices) and applies analytical transformations to derive a bespoke application which addresses a business requirement or problem.

Finflow developed a Data Analysis Solution framework, flexible enough to adapt to any data-set with the ability to produce meaningful information flows within and across the various business functions of Trading, Risk, Finance, Operations and Compliance.

Most institutions have collections of data-sets that are large and complex, and are typically using spread-sheets to manage the process which are creaking at the seams.

The challenge includes capture, aggregation, sharing and visualization without the need for a vast project - FinFlow DAS product allows clients to do all of the above tasks.

FinFlow DAS is the bridge between the source of data and resultant, end-user application that needs the data to be adapted and transformed to meet the user's requirement. In some cases, FinFlow DAS can be used to develop the end-user application, rather than just being a stand-alone transformation engine.

With FinFlow DAS it is possible to focus on extracting the relevant information from much larger files of data to transform your business intelligence.