Takes data from a source (for example, Bloomberg historical prices) and applies analytical transformations to provide an interface to a front-end application requiring value-added information.

FinFlow Integra pulls together the four main components of any front-office or middle-office's key information flows; namely Instrument Reference Data (typically, bond prospectus details), Trade Flow (including live trade feeds, counterparty data, historical trades, open positions), Pricing Information (live prices and Time Series) and lastly Analytical Calculations (ranging from simple, statistical measures to derivative products from exotic option structures).

FinFlow Integra pulls together these components using the ticket adaptors, database tables, time series adaptors, and the analytics engine to compile any array of information required by the client.

Finflow Integra integrates with external vendor systems such as Bloomberg and Reuters, together with in-house, proprietary buy and sell-side systems.

Through Finflow Integra, clients are able to create rapid value-added applications that are used for key decision making or reporting purposes. The Technology, to-date, has been applied to Pricing, Risk Management and Relative Value analysis.

Effectively, Integra can be viewed as an Information Bus.