Developing solutions

When a client solution is initiated, we allocate members of our team with the appropriate skill set to design, build and deliver the solution. Our approach is to treat each client engagement the same way - work out what is required and then apply our expertise to specific components.

We have built up an internal 'framework' of re-usable components, and this allows us to reduce the lead-time for delivery.

Business Analysis

We provide both data and process models, using a mix of market- standard methodologies, depending on the needs of the client.

Our business coverage is comprehensive, and covers a wide spectrum of areas:

  • Government Trading (vanilla Bonds/Strips)
  • Credit Trading (vanilla Bonds/CDS/FRNs/Amortising)
  • Equity (Ordinary, CFDs, Options)
  • Emerging Markets
  • Swaps
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Futures
  • Interest Rate/Currency Options

Financial Models

With access to the Finflow Tools, new models can easily be developed to price and support the complex structured products that exist in today's markets. The models benefit from the Tool library of financial and numerical routines that are optimized for speed and accuracy.

Business Modelling for Traders

We have a simple iterative step approach:

  • The Trader states their objective and we carry out research (review papers/abstracts, talk to "experts")
  • We provide simple prototypes to allow the Trader the opportunity to develop and test ideas further; back-testing with scenarios generated from historical data is used
  • Finally, we engineer the prototype to become a Tactical system to facilitate Trading

Rapid Spreadsheet Development

Users may initially require an immediate solution to a change in the business operation, and a spread-sheet offers value in allowing a rapid response and a chance to validate the assumptions required for the strategic solution which may be developed afterwards.

The spreadsheets we develop and/or support, typically cover one or several of the functional areas listed below:

  • Pricing
  • Risk Management (Hedging/Risk Bucketing)
  • Relative value
  • Arbitrage engines
  • E-Commerce
  • P&L analysis
  • Portfolio Attribution

Re-engineering Tactical Solutions to Strategic Systems

As a Trader's needs grow (possibly, because there is a need for faster calculations or 100% fault-tolerance), it may become necessary to move the tactical solution away from a spread-sheet.

Using our expertise, we can build a tailored application with the same business functionality as the tactical, spreadsheet, but designed to cope with any extra demands. We have components which facilitate the migration from Excel to other programming languages.

More recently, we have developed a framework to access Bloomberg's API and TSAPI outside of Excel, using Java code.


We have experience building interfaces that will map and integrate the data from your upstream and downstream systems to and from Finflow - inter alia, this has included Bloomberg, Reuters, Calypso and Murex.

Bespoke Reports

The front office, back office, and risk managers each have their own reporting requirements. Using the flexible reporting utilities provided by the Risk data visualisation software, our consultants will design the specific reports each group needs that includes their required risk measures in the desired format.