Lets Build

Finflow HedgeGrid

Unify Trading on a Single Hub

Portfolio Manager Design Features

Consolidated View

  • Make and execute decisions from a single place
  • Interface to chosen execution platform
  • Interface to chosen Position keeping platform
  • Exchange data with internal systems
  • Exchange data with Market vendors via API's
  • HedgeGrid updates Real Time as you Trade
  • Algo Fine Tuning
  • Customisable, Agile, Ease of Use

Strategy Execution

  • Execute orders on multiple asset classes
  • Control your Order TWAP VWAP
  • Portfolio Re-Balancing
  • Intelligent Order Synching
  • Customisable STOP controls
  • Smart Beta Positioning
  • Markovitz Portfolio Optimisation for Risk
  • Auto Netting off Delta 1's

Understand client High level

Finflow spend time with the client to understand what is required for strategy execution and workflow automation

Detailed client Ask

After the high level understanding Finflow analysts flesh out the detailed requirements

Rapid iteration

Finflow employ rapid iteration of design solutions. Referring back to the client and then deploying updated versions

integrate and deliver

Finflow will integrate the product with your existing components to provide an end to end solution