Client case study

A Client Solution ?

The Client approached Finflow via their Prime brokerage system Vendor.
The core problem for this Long/Short equity hedgefund portfolio manager was neither his execution platform or his portfolio management system had any capability to manage and execute his actual trading strategy.

Client Story


Pre Trade

Our Finflow quant developer sat with the portfolio manager to gather the high level trading strategy and the mechcanics of the trading algo’s that would be run before a trade would be placed


tRADE execution

The strategy design was then rapidly iterated into a solution using our customisable Finflow Grid trading hub.

Pulling in all the required data from stock beta’s to market data. We then interfaced the solution to the broker execution platform.


Post trade

Finflow then interfaced the solution to the hedge fund’s portfolio management system to update positions and connect with prime brokerage services such as risk and funding


We at Finflow have found that our clients are results orientated decision makers. They want a rapid collaborative iterative approach to delivery. Delivering a workable solution quickly and then enhancing it with incremental functionality and trading intelligence.

Bespoke Functionality

Since our initial go live with our Long/Short hedgefund we have added further bespoke functionality for Risk and intelligent trade execution. The portfolio manager now has a 360 view of his trading on a single hub.