Technology Solutions
For Hedge Funds and Family Offices

At Finflow we approach problems creatively, addressing user needs with our existing tool-kit where possible, and developing personalised solutions when necessary

Make your strategy systematic with decisions being made, using bespoke algorithms to generate trading signals

Real time data interface with smart connectivity to broker systems, facilitating automated trading

Customisable dashboard to portfolio management systems, providing trade compliance, risk analysis and portfolio re-balancing

Our Core Business (see below)

  • Modelling trade ideas – from simple to more advanced, quantitative models
  • Integration of both fundamental and technical analysis, together with harnessing machine learning tools to extrapolate known data points for forward looking estimates
  • Spread-sheet optimisation, by refactoring into our proprietary framework underpinned by a core database
  • Automation of work-flow (eg integration of decision making “triggers”) around placing trades through our proprietary trade order management system
  • Implementing links to internal systems (allowing automated exchange of in-house data)
  • Getting the best out of Bloomberg data interfaces (eg streamlining data enrichment)
  • Back-testing trade ideas in a systematic way, providing detailed attribution around several features (inter alia, earnings, factors)
  • Automation of middle office operations (replacing manual operations with technology)

What We Do

We facilitate innovation

  • “brain-storming” use of technology for gaining an edge in both trade ideas and automating underlying operational workflow
  • building “user-friendly” databases to assemble information in a systematic way for eventual ease of access
  • engaging prospective investors with channels to monitor “forward testing” of trade signals, following on from back-testing

We offer interim IT assistance

  • helping the fund quickly, launch a new business initiative, and allow subsequent hand-over back to internal operations
  • providing “in-house” training on specific areas requiring our expertise

We harness emerging technology

  • guiding when to use and not to use machine learning, and if appropriate, how to apply using our technology or an alternative vendor
  • clarifying what there is to know about cryptocurrencies – the opportunities & risks
  • discussing blockchaining now and the near future, together with its likely impact
  • analysing direct trading opportunities from emerging technology providing detailed analysis of a tech company’s offerings, for investment portfolios

We identify economies in IT expenditure

  • reviewing existing use and expenditure on IT, and producing recommended economies, backed up by making industry benchmarks available
  • implementing our findings, if invited