At A Glance
Custom-built tools to give you the edge

We’ve developed our customisable Finflow Grid product directly with use cases from our client HedgeFund portfolio managers

  • consultancy/fact-finding (fixed price quotes)
  • review of current operations to make recommendations and proposals, for improvement and/or cost reduction
  • regulatory reporting solutions (for example MIFID II)
  • agile development and technical prototyping
  • development/support of enterprise resilient technical solutions

Unify your trading on a single customisable hub

Modelling Trade Ideas and Automating decision making workflow

Need to customise and integrate your specific trading or execution algo’s, we build them and interface them to both your internal and external vendor systems

Some clients require extended or on site support. Our specialists can be based on site to provide additional training and support

Business Skills

financial services business knowledge across all sectors (fixed income, derivatives, equities, etc)
front and middle office operations risk management/product control (p&l)

Technical Skills

Bloomberg interface (using their api)
programming experience (C/C++/Java/C#/Excel VBA/SQL/Python) – we use what is fit for purpose
quant modelling/quant development
machine learning programming
algo mining of “signals”, using technical analysis, together with a back-testing database for attribution
implementing automated broker links for executing and managing trade filling


proprietary Excel grid which allows all “heavy duty” processing outside of Excel, to ensure usability and stability of system
framework for Bloomberg interface for data exchange and trade execution through EMSX/Tradebook
framework for technical analysis and systematic trade execution based on “signals”: allows new alogorithms to be designed and implemented quickly
Quant analytical engine interfacing with a “user-friendly” wrapper for interface to in-house applications (or Excel): allows quants to build models rapidly


core team of individuals, but scalable to accommodate growth in user needs


proven track record with over 10 years experience in both buy and sell side